Here we go with one of those street drag battles, which as you know (and as we have said numerous times before) we do not favor a lot, but anyways, we are showing it to you, because of the great and powerful cars involved in them, and finally, because they were done pretty much save and sound, both for them and for everyone else! We are talkingĀ TT MUSTANG COBRA VS COREVETTE ZR1 here!

And in the focus of the following video clip we have two all stars of the American muscle car production, two real street racers that deserve every respect. One truly awesome Chevy Corvette ZR1, for which we do not have the official info about how much horse and torque power it can generate, and the other one is a real monster.

Even though the video says 1 300 HP TT Mustang Cobra, when it comes to this race, the things are a little bit different. This Twin Turbo Cobra Mustang can really deliver 1 337 HP, but on a race fuel, and for this race, its owner used the regular, so its real horsepower is 740, which is not something to be messed with either!

And just how true that is, you will see in the video below, when the Cobra Mustang is facing that `Vette ZR1. I won`t give away too much, so just check out the video and find out yourself!

And if you want to find out something about the 2015 King Cobra Mustang, go to this link.