New Level Of TAXI CAB In A Russian BRDM 2 Patrol Vehicle!

We are used to watching all kinds of weird things that are coming from Russia, and here is another one that really raises the stakes of the everyday driving experience of the ordinary citizens of St. Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia. Starting from January 1st, people over there can take a cab ride throughout the city in one really unusual taxi. It is called BRDM 2, which stands for Combat Reconnaissance and Patrol Vehicle, and as you can probably come to the conclusion, it is a former amphibious army vehicle, with a very powerful motor.

The BRDM 2 is completely bullet proof thanks to the 14 mm (0.55 inches) tick armour jacket, and its inside has been equipped with leather, electronic windows, and many other fancy stuff, to give the rich oligarchs and babushkas a feeling of being safe like never before. Of course, they might have a little problem getting inside, taking into an account that the door is on the top, but hey, as we said it before, this is a brand new taxi experience, with a vehicle like no other.

Just take a look at this cool video below and see how a taxi cab ride looks like in one of these, and then sound off your opinion about it in the comment section below.

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