Russian Truck Sinks Into The Sea Because Of An Unsecured Barge While Loading Pipes! Driver Barely Escapes!

Tugboats are the sheepdogs of the marine world. Without harbored tugboats, mega ships could never get into port and we`d run out of oil, food and pretty much everything in just a matter of days. Tugboats are also used to be loaded on shore. However, sometimes things can go terribly awry. That`s exactly what happened in this video that originates from Russia as a truck sinks into a sea. Russia has so many of these types of videos that they can export them for a huge source of income. In this one, we watch as a truck is loading vast pipes into a barge. At first everything is going as it should be.

However, after a few moments the unexpected happens. As the truck is loading the pipes, the barge slowly but surely slides away. This resulted the truck together with its load to sink deep into the sea. As the truck sinks there are a lot of spectators around. However, instead of an outcry for a pending failure, they are calmly recording the whole thing on video. As for the truck driver, he barely escapes getting drowned. Fortunately, he left this ugly situation without getting hurt. Good thing the tugboat was there in order to make sure that things went smoothly huh? All jokes aside, watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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