Can This State-Of-The-Art SELF-DRIVING VisionX Bosch TRUCK Leave Truck Drivers Without JOB?!

Bosch has unveiled their VisionX truck concept which presents its latest state-of-the-art CV technologies including a hybrid powertrain, platooning and connected logistics! Platooning allows numerous trucks to connect and move in a road train that is autonomous. This is expected to increase vehicle safety, efficiency and reliability. Because of platooning, the VisionX Bosch truck is expected to improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%. Vehicles connected to the platoon can receive all the needed data from the IoT Cloud. This will make the truck aware of adverse road conditions and traffic jams in real time.

Large side mirrors will be replaced with a digital exterior mirror in the cab that includes screens and video sensors. This decreases wind resistance, eliminates blind spots and cuts fuel consumption by up to 1-2%. There will be more powertrain options presented as well. One of them includes a 120kW hybrid truck system. This powertrain option can cut fuel consumption by up to 6%. There is also a 48-volt hybrid for light commercial vehicles and a fully-electric one for construction off-highway vehicles. There is a variety of common diesel rail technologies on display as well. Feel free to share your thoughts with us about this Bosch Truck in the comments below.

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