Priceless Unloading Fail Compilation! Laugh Your Way To 6 Pack Abs!

Real professionals in their line of work never expect mishaps to happen. They are simply pros at what they do. But, bad things are bound to happen from time to time, whether you expect it or not. However, bad mishaps in epic proportions are a different story all together. And misfortunes in epic proportions like the ones in the video mustn`t happen! Let alone to expect such a thing to occur! But, nevertheless, such things can obviously occur as we can see with this unloading fail compilation.

Most of these fails in the video probably happen because of failed acknowledgment a problem exists in the first place. So, we can say it`s definitely a man`s fault. A man`s fault because the problem that existed deep in these vehicles was not treated or serviced at all! Those machines can`t service themselves right?

In this epic unloading fail compilation we can see a truck unloading bricks. Everything seems to go smoothly with this regular everyday unloading business. However, eventually things go very sour for this truck and its driver! As he is unloading the bricks, the bed of the truck goes loose! Resulting in pulling the whole truck to the left side and the truck ending on its rear! More like overloading than loading!

Up next in this unloading fail compilations we have a major miscalculation. These guys are attempting to load an excavator on a truck. They got the excavator on a crane. Things seem OK for the time being, everyday routine for them. But, as they are taking the crane in position the wire rope goes loose with the excavator going straight down on the ground! The excavator missed the truck entirely. Who knows how old that wire rope was?

Make sure to see the entire epic unloading fail compilation. A lot of the videos proves that someone doesn`t respect the laws of physics at all!

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