Russian Flying Fortress – A Powerful MONSTER Comes Back To Life! UNBELIEVABLY COOL!

A lot is unknown about Russia. We lived through the Cold War and never really knew much about this eastern European and partly Asian country. However, we now have the Internet which gives us a peak through the lives of others! Ever heard of the so called Russian flying fortress? It was a great plan. Sadly (for them), they did not seem to work. Anyway, this may not have scaled much on the working scale, but they beat everyone in the bada$$ scale!

Did you know that Russia tried to do the unimaginable and construct Russian flying fortress? Simply remarkable! The flying fortresses were part of Russian government`s plans to build huge planes, so they needed to include as any propellers as possible in order to keep these enormous objects in the air. They, indeed, look monstrous and could be a further proof of Russian army`s capability. Being a part of highest secrecy plans, it is understandable why not many photos of these planes are available. You would not want your enemy to know that you have such an ace up your sleeve, right? Nevertheless, even the small amount of information and photos of them is enough to provoke admiration from people all around the world.

People all around the world are fascinated! Some don`t like it and some find it miserable. We would not like to take sides. You have the video, decide for yourself whether you like the Russian flying fortress!

Furthermore, these admirers are even more excited by the prospect of seeing these flying objects reconstructed using the tools the modern time offers. This should be conducted based on the plans in the Russian top-secret army archives. Seeing one of these objects in the air would be one-of-a-kind experience!

To see the list of the currently active Russian military aircraft, follow this link.