I have probably said this before, in another, similar occasion, but regardless of that, I will say it again. One of the things that can always make your blood start pumping on an extremely high level and make your entire body and mind be over flooded with adrenaline rush, is when we are watching a drag race between a mighty and very powerful muscle monster, and fast as hell bike. Somehow, these types of face-offs are appealing to all of us, containing that `ancient` and everlasting clash of opinions about what`s better and faster: a motorcycle or a car! Thus, today we have prepared one such video clip, featuring one real muscle monster, a 1000 hp Chevy Camaro, powered by a motor that is mated to a 91 mm. Turbo and that gives a total output to an astonishing 1 000 HP. Its opponent is also pretty bad and mean bike, with a reputation which precedes it – a powerful Kawasaki ZX10, running on a 40 HP nitrous shot!

The race has a rolling start, and it takes place somewhere outside an urban area, in a pitch black conditions! So I think that I do not have to stress the fact that it is a pretty tough drag battle. But also, because I do not want to give away something that I shouldn`t and ruin the suspense, check out the video below and find out the outcome of the 1000 HP CHEVY CAMARO VS NITROUS KAWASAKI ZX10 race yourself!

And for those of you who have a weak spot for motorcycles and want to find out something more about the new Kawasaki Ninja ZX10, go to this link.