Do You Have to ROLL DOWN Your Window at a DUI Checkpoint!

Warren Redlich, the author and founder of the informs that you don’t have to ROLL DOWN your window at a DUI Checkpoint! So, actually if you are prepared you don’t need to open the window of the car and you can just show your driving licence trough your window. However, we are not 100% sure if we should agree with this one as every story has two sides. The owner of this video provides a method on how to go trough DUI checkpoint by not allowing the Police to act outside the law.

Do You Have to ROLL DOWN Your Window at a DUI Checkpoint 2

Actually he suggest to make a special  “DUI flyer” on which is written that no searches are allowed, that you want your lawyer and that you will remain silent. On the video below the owner explains the whole process on how to bypass the DUI checkpoint without converse or being stopped by the Police. Further reading about DUI checkpoints in California:

So what do you think about this method? Should this guy go trough the checkpoint normally or he should stand for his rights? Have you ever been in this kind of situation before? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of this post and please share this video with your friends on Facebook.