How To Spot Police and Avoid Tickets!

In the video below you can see the best tips the best ways to spot Police and avoid tickets! If you are one of those that is being stopped by the police and getting tons of speeding tickets, than you should watch this video. You will find out there are some thing you can do in order to keep you aware of the situation on the road in front of you. We are pretty sure the speeding ticket is the last thing every driver wants to get.

How To Spot Police and Avoid Tickets 2

This guy will tell you several tips on how to spot the police officers on the road and how to avoid being caught by their running radar.

We would like to advice you to drive properly and under the speed limit, but we are aware it is hard to do this every day especially if you are driving a car with a lot of horses under the hood. In that case it is even harder to keep your foot out of the throttle, but we should all  drive safe and we should keep away from the speeding tickets at the end of the day. So, check out the video below and find out what are the helpful tips to avoid tickets.

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