Policeman Struggle To Explain To State Attorney Why She Pulled Her Over!

Check out this incredible video as this Policeman really struggle to explain to Aramis Ayala, the only black female state attorney in Florida why he pulled her over! This controversial stop actually happen near Orlando and the police officers claimed they pulled over this lady after they checked her plates’ numbers and did not get any results.

Policeman Struggle To Explain To State Attorney Why He Pulled Her Over 111

They claimed that their system couldn’t find anything about her plate numbers and this was very rare situation they almost never had before.  Because even if the vehicle was stolen the system must deliver the results of the real owner, so they said they pulled over the car as they thoughts it has no light over the registration plate.

As can be seen on the video below, the state attorney was sitting very calm and she was listening and processing the information and then press the charges when this controversial situation was over.  As a result an accusations of racial profiling were leveled for these police officers from Orlando.

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