Thousands Vehicles Stuck On 50 LANE HIGHWAY In BEIJING, CHINA!

Holidays are the perfect occasions to spend time with the family and friends as well as to get away from the daily routines. Choosing your destination is not much of a problem, but the issues appear after the end of the holiday, when everyone who left town goes back home. This is the time when huge traffic jams occur. But if you depart a little earlier than others, you might not be a victim of another road ordeal. However, that is not the case with the 50 lane highway traffic jam that happened just a several days ago in China!

This miraculous traffic jam occurred on the G4 highway that connects Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau. It is also known as one of China`s busiest motorways. Every traveler`s nightmare turned into a reality when millions of people were trying to go home after the Golden Week. The name itself says that they had a week off. So, what contributed to this immense traffic jam? The answer to this question would be a new checkpoint that narrows the 50 lane highway  to 20. Obviously, those people were stuck there for hours. The drone footage below is probably the best description of this situation.

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