Rickey Gadson Tries His UNIQUE KAWASAKI Ninja H2 Hybrid!

We all know that Kawasaki is a brand when it comes to motorbike manufacturing. And the Ninja is the most popular model produced by this company. This time it is a question of a Ninja, but no other Ninja looks like this one. It is the Kawasaki Ninja H2 Hybrid. What is special about this model is the fact that it is the one and only motorbike of this kind on the planet! It was specially designed, custom made for Rickey Gadson, 11-time champion in Drag Racing. This unit was built to meet specific drag racing specifications, and you can`t find it in dealerships.

The crew from Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd and the one from Adams Performance teamed up to create this SUPERCHARGED beast! Its smart electronics apply pressure to the steering stabilizer when it senses the front wheel starts to leave the ground. When such a machine accelerates you have to have the right equipment to stop it. This thing is solid and Rickey has went with it 8.21 at 166 mph!

So, you have the chance to watch how this custom built bike is tested by the champion in winter conditions. The video is made in December and this bike shows impressive results for that time of the year.

At last, if you want to read the full interview with Rickey Gadson, where he talks about his new Kawasaki beauty, follow this link.