1968 Dodge CHARGER with Supercharged HEMI 572!

If you thought that the Japanese are IN only for GTRs, and maybe a few Honda Civics from time to time, I will tell you right away that you have been totally wrong about it. The fact is that Japanese car enthusiasts love their Mopar muscle beasts, so there is always some `Cuda, Charger or Challenger around, and that is why today we have decided to show you a video with one such fine example from Japan. It is a supercharged HEMI clip from the “The Rockin` Cruisin Koga Green Park” event, which is a celebration of the American cars and car culture, where you can come across all sorts of muscle cars, Hot Rods…and of course, there is a lot of rockin` going on there.

The car which is the main object of our interest is one awesome 1968 Dodge Charger in satin black, with huge 20+ rear wheels. At first look, the car leaves an impression to be made for long cruising, but when you see what is under the hood, it seems obvious that is made for the track.

Unfortunately our Ozzie host, is not giving us any real data about it (except the something from the period before it was brought in Japan, which is not helping us a lot), so I will tell you only the obvious, that can be clearly seen in the video, and that is the Supercharged Hemi 572 engine. However, it is one fine 1968 Dodge Charger that deserves our attention, so check it out and tell us what you think about it.