Check Out This BEASTLY Fast 6 Barracuda Plymouth 1970!

As you may already know, the Fast and Furious movies always feature very beautiful and extravagant vehicles. Most of them are destroyed by the end of the movie. The car we are going to talk about, luckily, stayed safe and sound. It`s the 1970 Plymouth Fast 6 Barracuda.

We are very glad that we had the opportunity to talk with some of the guys responsible for the transformation of the vehicle/ Dave Salvaggio was one of them. Dave says that in 2006 he has been approached by the owner of the “Cuda” aka, “the Cudanator” who wanted his car to be given an AAR look. Therefore some modifications have been introduced to the car.

The Fast 6 Barracuda features a 540 inch Hemi engine that has been made in 2003. Salvaggio Auto Design made sure that each part of the car looks amazing and is customized. Consequently, the vehicle features an original AAR style exhaust system, Fikse wheels and Nitto tires. The whole car is painted in PPG paint with the exception of the front clip that is painted in eggshell Lamborghini Giorgio. The car also has an AAR style graphics. Isn’t it amazing? We think it is!

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As for the interior, it was also remade. Viper SRT seats were incorporated, as well as power windows. Dave said that initially they try to preserve the old-school spirit of the vehicle, but when you take a close look you will understand that it is much modernized.

Erik, the owner of the `Cuda, says that everywhere he goes the vehicle is the center of attention. When we asked Mr.Salvaggio what he liked the most about the vehicle, he said that he likes its BEASTLY attitude that goes along with the bad boy type of guys.