926hp 71 Plymouth Barracuda: 1/4 Mile in 7.8 Seconds!

Darren Tedder’s 71 Plymouth Barracuda was the one to win the AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Number Don`t Lie showdown this year. Believe it or not this Cuda produced 926 hp! Who could have ever imagined?


However building this Cuda was not simple. It took 7 years. Even Darren will confirm the effort that one must put in order to build a car like this one. Darren got this Cuda and decided to change almost everything in it so that he would make a car that would meet his own standards. Darren was helped by Eric Mangom of Cuimmings Georgia who after the technical modifications were finished and the safety cage installed, painted the vehicle in plum purple. Darren, on the other hand, took care of the engine. He built one of the greatest Hemi engines, that is 654 inches. With this engine the vehicle is able to pass quarter mile in 7.8 seconds with speed of 176 mph.

Those 7 years of hard work seemed to have paid off!

At last, check out this restored Plymouth Duster!



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