RH9 GTR Skyline Gets Blown Intercooler Before The Race Begins!

Sometimes things are happening by themselves and there is not a damn thing you can do about it! The video that we have prepared in this post is one of those “Holly #@ΞΎ#” situation that are known to happen from time to time, when you are left powerless to do anything about it, especially as the race is just about to start and your RH9 GTR, on which you have been working on hard and preparing it to be in its best shape, gets blown intercooler in the moments when you are trying to rip off the dyno, and you are left hitting your head up against the wall. Just as the Murphy`s laws are saying it is going to happen!

And what else could you possibly do in a situation like this? Well, having a good mechanic and battling on the strip is one thing, but battling against the time and try to get a new part, just before the race is about to start is completely another. When it comes down to this race in Sydney, we do not have the exact info about how long does the guy have, but it is obvious that he should thing well the next time he gets on the dyno, to `show off` before the crowd and think about the gravity of Murphy`s laws. Enjoy this magnificent RH9 GTR!

Enjoy the video below!

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