This is HOW You Repair a Broken Windshield!

Having a broken windshield is something very common and people face such problems every day.

Repair Broken Windshield 1

Fixing or completely replacing one can be very expensive according to the car. In order to avoid a complete change just for a simple and tiny chip in the windshield people have developed a broken windshield repair kit. This type of kit can be used by anyone and you should follow several steps and you wouldn`t have any problem. They are fairly cheap to buy too!

First of all you need to clean the area around the chip with a piece of cloth and with the help of a dremmel work inside the tiny crack to get all of the broken glass out. Next you need to attach the kit itself from the inside of the windshield.

Then you need to secure the piece from the kit which goes over the crack from the outside. It also comes with a gel inside a syringe which should be extracted in order to apply it. This is done by vacuum and is tightly pressed inside the crack. This action should be repeated several times until the crack is no longer visible.

Then remove the kit and let the gel completely dry out and harden. By using a sharp blade or a razor scrape off any excess from the top. To finish off the repair you need to apply wax over the area. What do you think, could you do this broken windshield repair on your own?

Moreover, here is a great old trick on how to clean your windshield!

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