WIRELESS Rear Parking Camera For Your Car! Ex-Apple Engineers Are Developing One Amazing Tech!

The automotive industry has computerized their products to a very big extent. However, that is definitely not going to stop any time soon. We are bound to get many new innovations in the field which are going to improve our driving lifestyle! Today from this field, we got one amazing rear parking camera which looks more than promising! If you are one of those people who think backing up is a real drag, than look no further because this will definitely brighten your day!

The technology we are talking about is being developed by a company named Pearl which was established not so long ago. Pearl has 70 employees and 50 of them used to work at Apple! In addition, they are focused on making high-end tech that all cars can use! The rear parking camera in the footage below is actually their first product and it is called RearVision! It is a matter of a waterproof camera which is extremely easy to install! Why you may wonder? Well, because RearVision is a typical license plate frame!

Yeah guys, you only need a couple of minutes and a screwdriver! That`s it! At the bottom of this rear parking camera system, interestingly enough, solar panels are fitted! Meaning that the RearVision system actually powers by itself! How cool is that? Plus, this system has two HD cameras! Once mounted on the rear of your car, the system will immediately begin to live stream video to your smartphone!

Pearl also provides a magnetic holder for your Android or IOS smartphone, which can be attached to your dash or vent! However, that is far from all! They also provide an adapter that can be plugged into your car`s OBD port! This way, the adapter actually connects the HD cameras on the rear of your car with the RearVision app on your phone! Taking into consideration that this is Pearl`s first product, we just can`t imagine what they have in store for us next! Make sure to watch the video below and tell us your thoughts!

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