We are sure not many of you ever came to the idea to test your phone by doing a burnout with a pocket Ducati bike. And if you are one of the lucky ones to have such an item in your possession, then what this guy does might be a bit disturbing for you. There are many other things you could do to test a phone, but this guy chose a rather unconventional way and took it on another level! He does a burnout on an iPhone  and the results are absolutely amazing!

Pocket Ducati Bike Doing A Burnout On An iPhone 6s 7

Anyway, the owner shows us that the iPhone is in perfectly normal shape before conducting his experiment. Everything works fine, but will it remain like that after the burnout is anyone`s guess.

The phone is fixated and the experiment can take place. The pocket Ducati starts doing the burnout and this precisely is the moment when each iPhone 6s owner is glad that it is not their phone going through this.

Luckily, the phone takes it bravely and there is only a chunk of rubber and some minor damage on the screen. The crucial thing, however, is whether the phone will work properly.

And exactly that proves to be the case! Regardless the fact that the screen is a bit damaged, the phone works perfectly fine. You could even search Google on it. The chunk of rubber could easily be cleaned, meaning that there is not a great damage to the phone. It is truly amazing and crazy that this guy did a burnout on an iPhone .

With this test he got a proof that this phone is virtually invincible. So if you are having doubts about your phone, remember this guy and bear in mind that not even a Ducati motorcycle could largely damage this precious item!

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