RC Version Of A Huge Airbus A400M Atlas Plane! They Spent 6 Years For This!

Airbus A400M Atlas is one of the biggest transport planes of today`s aviation world. It takes years to manufacture and it took even longer to develop. But apparently, if you`re convinced that you have the skill and the tools, you can make a 1/10 smaller version of this huge Airbus and you can actually fly it via remote control! It`s the coolest drone-like machine I`ve ever seen, and it has perfect attention to detail as well! Every little thing is the same in both the big version and this little remote controlled one. It doesn`t carry passengers, but it`s so awesome that it`s okay.

Also, this little plane has every feature of the huge Airbus plane – it can open its back doors and throw out little tiny toy paratroopers with parachutes. It has four engines, just like the original and it can reach marvelous speeds and heights within the reach of the remote control. It can even drop its landing gear to get ready to land! This awesome little plane took years to build but if you ask me, it was definitely worth it! If not for the usability, then for just being awesome and having every single detail right from the original plane!

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