Watch it Fly! The Largest RC Version of the Spirit Stealth Bomber!

RC toys come in different shapes and uses, some for driving, some for sailing and some for flying. They are every child favorite and most desired toy. People often take up hobbies such as collecting various RC vehicles and going on show off`s. But in the following video, this RC plane is everything but not a toy. It is a smaller scale version of the Spirit Stealth Bomber, which is where it got its name. The plane can be seen flying with ease as people on the ground take photos and enjoy the view.

The model is so well build that you could hardly spot the difference between the real one and the RC plane, especially when it is in the sky. The fact that the Spirit Stealth Bomber is precisely controlled by the man without any troubles or accidents, speaks for itself. The wingspan of the plane is 4.35m and has two turbines with 100N. Even the sound being produced is very similar to the real one. So the next time you look up in the sky, do not be surprised if a Spirit Stealth Bomber flies besides you. What do you think, could this be one of the best RC models ever made?

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