Ultimate Preciseness! Preparing Hot Dogs Using Some INCREDIBLE Excavator Skills! The Best Hot Dog Ad Idea EVER?!

An excavator is used for many things. Like for example: demolishing buildings, dredging rivers, digging trenches and so on. But here in this hot dog video made by the Norwegian gas station chain Statoil, an excavator is used for a totally different purpose! They figured that using your hands for preparing fast food is way overrated. This is how they came up with the best idea ever for a hot dog ad! And if you are looking for preciseness look no further! This video here will grant you the most exceptional excavator skills ever!

The all mighty precise skills we are talking about here are done by an amazing builder named Juha-Pekki Perämäki! Statoil decided to call him after discovering videos that are highlighting his excavator skills. And they definitely found the right man to promote Statoil`s new and improved hot dogs! Juha-Pekki shows everyone that he is one of the best excavator technicians in the world with this hot dog video!

At first, Juha-Pekki is gently placing the bun with his excavator. After that, with his excavator he is taking some lettuce pieces and places them in the bun! A healthy hot dog! After the lettuce is put in the bun it is time for the main ingredient -- the sausage! A very well grilled sausage has been taken from its grill with the excavator and placed on the bun! Each one of these moves are outstanding! But what amazed us the most is the way the ketchup was applied to the hot dog! Juha-Pekki is taking the bottle of ketchup with his excavator and gently squeezing it into the hot dog!

It is also worth mentioning that no special effects were used in this video whatsoever! And according to the creative agency that filmed this, Juha-Pekki tried this astonishing task 30 times. From those 30 times, he failed only once! Enjoy these awesome excavator skills and share with us your thoughts!

Finally, if you want to find out the basic job skills for heavy equipment operators, follow this link!