Range Rover Havannah Pulls Massive Trailer Out Of Mud!

Even though it is a popular belief that the SUVs built these days tend to lack in power and durability, and that a good old robust off road vehicles will do the job much better than a modern one. Well, after watching the following video you would have to think twice, and who knows, you might change your opinion after all. Namely, we take a look at the luxury Range Rover Havannah and why some people say that this is the best SUV that was ever made.

Range Rover Havannah Pulls Massive Trailer Out Of Mud 11

In this short video of just over a minute, we see how the Range Rover Havannah managed to pull out a big trailer that is stuck deep in the mud. It is a no easy task but the SUV will not give up. The 2014 Range Rover Havannah started pulling onto that 2 ton trailer but at first it seemed like it would be impossible to pull it out.

Luckily enough, the driver was determined to achieve so, and to make his job easier and to have better traction, he had placed a plank wood under the wheels. After couple of attempts, the vehicle was seen slowly moving towards the road and onto the asphalt. The mud was indeed very deep and not many modern vehicles could achieve the same.

Hereby, we must admire the great work the Range Rover is doing by making their vehicles without any flaw. What do you think, is this really one of the most powerful modern day SUVs?