Calvin Harris Crash His RANGE ROVER Into Wall!

We all know about the unique relationship between the paparazzi and celebrities. They are know they can benefit from each other, paparazzi could sell their exclusive shots or videos and the celebrities could win more publicity, therefore earn more money from their fame. Not all the paparazzi shows respect for the celebrities and from the other side not all the celebrities interact with the paparazzi in order to give them more valuable materials for the press. In this case you can see the famous musician Calvin Harris exiting his home and he didn’t answer any question from the paparazzi.

Calvin Harris Crash His RANGE ROVER Into Wall 2

Probably he was having a bad day or he was not in a good mood. However, what happened next cost him a lot of money, because he seriously damaged his Range Rover‘s rear door. So, if he decided to talk to paparazzi they will probably warn him before he slammed the car into the wall. Additionally, it does not look good for him, this video to be featured on the TV news and all the social media.

It’s little bit weird how he got into the car and started driving in reverse without noticing that he left the rear door open. However, maybe he just wanted to get away from the paparazzi as soon as possible. So, do you think they should have warned Calvin Harris before he damaged his vehicle?

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