Ralph Lauren’s Extravagant $350 Million Dream Car Garage!

Ralph Lauren staged his NY Fashion Week in his private dream car garage located in Bedford. This garage is estimated at whooping $350 million and you can find countless precious toys inside. Like Navajo blankets, American flags and polo ponies, exotic cars have also been a huge influence on Lauren`s iconic designs. Ralph Lauren has been making history in the fashion industry for 50 years now and he celebrated that fact by inviting people to his extravagant garage. In this amazing garage, he demonstrated his fall 2017 clothes collection among $350 million worth of extremely rare McLarens, Bugattis and Ferraris.

Ralph Lauren Dream Car Garage 2

With this, Ralph Lauren spoke a visual language that everyone understands. These exotic cars are a worldwide symbol of success and affluence. Ferrari, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo and Porsche are sports car brand second but status symbol first. Even though only 300 attended this fashion event in person, the fashion show was actually showcased on social media for Lauren`s 6.6 million followers. Lauren`s garage boasts many iconic cars like a classic `55 Porsche 550 Spyder.

However, the rarest car in his dream car garage is definitely the `38 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic Coupe. There are only two in the world and the car is estimated at staggering $40 million! It is said that the famous Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli personally visited Lauren`s garage to see this beautiful car. Lauren also owns a `62 Ferrari 250 GTO which is said that it`s the most aesthetically beautiful Ferrari ever built. In the video below you can also see Ralph Lauren talking about his cars with great enthusiasm.

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