Big Chief Racing John Doe! See Who Will Go Home With $20,000!

When it comes to these two vehicles mentioned in the title, there is not much to say. Not because there is not what to say, but totally the opposite! They have already proven their rightful place in the drag racing world! Both cars are made for winning races, but when they go head to head in completely suspense race, there is always one that has to lose. Which one? You are about to figure that out in no time. This Big Chief racing that you are about to see takes place at the Thunder Valley Raceway Park as part of the Outlaw Armageddon event in the No-Prep Invitational Class!

In fact, this race occurred just a couple of days ago! So sit tight, because you are going to witness one heck of a race! The video starts with a brief look over Big Chief`s car, The Crow. In this section you can see the machine that later is going to make its proud owner very happy! There is still a lot to say, but we are going to leave the rest to you. Volume the speakers up and enjoy Big Chief racing John Doe!

At last, follow this link to see the full transition of the “Crow” from a 1970 Pontiac Le Mans to Twin Turbo GTO!