See What Is It Like To Be In Brett Harris’ NITRO THUNDER!

We love videos recorded from the driver`s point of view, hope you too! That angle gives a unique perspective towards one unforgettable experience! We can only imagine how a driver feels when the vehicle goes from 0 to 60 in less than 2 seconds and finishes a ¼ mile track in no more than 8 seconds. And the first person camera gives the idea! It is hard not to scream when you see this monster taking off. So try to visualize how the is driver feeling. Being a dragster driver requires a great deal of expertise as well as concentration! Because when it comes to speed, the line between entertaining and lethal is very thin. Anyway, today`s video features one champion automobile. In other words, you are going to see Brett Harris and his NITRO THUNDER!

Be witnesses of this race, in which he leaves his opponent way behind him. Also, see how a 200 mph ride looks like! Most of you have felt this kind of speed, but believe us, it is nothing like this! Make sure you are buckled up!

To watch another epic performance done by Brett Harris and his Nitro Thunder, follow this link. It is a footage from the 2012 IHRA Nitro Jam!