DRAG RACE OF THE DECADE: Mclaren P1 VS Modded Nissan GTR Are Fighting Against Each Other!

While driving around the US streets one may stumble upon something very rare and exclusive. Cars with limited edition that are very rare to be found. That will always cause excitement to us and we are going to be here to share it with you guys. But what we have here is not just a rare car on the street but a street drag race that includes two monsters with limitless capabilities! Neither of these two beasts are American. But being ultimate gearheads, we are sure you are going to be more than interested! The participants in this rare find on the streets are a McLaren P1 and a modded Nissan GTR!

At first we can see the McLaren P1 cruising down the street and coming to a stop light. McLaren which is a British company based in Woking renowned for its iconic F1 team doesn`t pull out cars on a regular basis. But when they actually do, they make sure it will stay in the car`s history books! They managed to do exactly that with their McLaren P1! It has a 3.8L twin turbo V8 engine! And combined with its ECU motor it produces 904HP! McLaren sure proved that hybrid supercars can exist! Rarely who would like to challenge a hypercar beast like this! But this is where the modded Nissan GTR comes into play!

The modded Nissan you are about to see also comes up to the same stoplight. The GT-R is a beast in its own way as well. However, a stock GT-R would not be a match to a McLaren P1. But taking in mind that this is a modded Nissan GTR, it can be one hell of a challenge. We know that this is a modded Nissan GTR because no way a stock GTR can do what this GTR does! It`s so fast you can`t even see it! And it looks like the victor in this street drag race is the modded Nissan GTR! Although, we think that the Mclaren P1 was not in race mode but in street mode. Make sure to see the video and tell us your thoughts!

Finally, if you want to see a Porsche 918 Spyder racing a Nissan GTR, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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