TIMELAPSE: The Race Car Wrapping Process!

We have seen number of awesome car modifications, such as swapping engines, changing the exterior, turbo or supercharging our cars but the following race car wrapping process will make your car look even better.

Race Car Wrapping Process 2

If you ever wondered what it takes and how do people make their race cars look like that, be sure to check out the following video, and it takes a lot more work than you would first think. It would take hours and hours to turn that dull piece of metal into something truly extraordinary. There are special workshops in which you take your car and they will do the entire job. All you have to do is to pick the color scheme or design it on your own and you are good to go.

The first thing they do is thoroughly clean the car and make sure there is no grease or dust on where the car is going to be wrapped. And so the race car wrapping process can begin. Piece by piece, they are carefully placed on the car and every bubble that is going to be stuck in the middle, will be pushed away. They would have to make sure that they do not tear the wrap hence it is fairly expensive.

After hours of work and cutting the pieces to fit perfectly, the car is nice and ready to be picked up by the customer. If you would like to see how the race car wrapping process looks like check out the link below!

At last, here is one great tutorial on how to vinyl-wrap your car!

What Goes Into Wrapping A Race Car

A lot more work goes into wrapping a race car than you might think!Submitted by Darius Trinka

Posted by Car Throttle on Monday, September 11, 2017