These Porsche Drivers Failed Terribly Hard!

Very often we see compilations of videos of people failing with their cars or trucks, though they serve as a great source for a laugh, some fails are so wrong that will make you say “Just WHY?” such as this one of Porsche drivers failing hard.

Porsche Drivers fail stupid funny 3

It takes just couple of seconds to go from good to bad, and just one seconds to go from bad to worse. These drivers were not aware of the situation they were involved in and eventually destroyed their rides. In the first video we see a Porsche stopping in the middle of a street and on a snowy day nothing can stop the other cars from hitting it, as it can be seen from dash cam footage. In just matter of seconds both cars were wrecked.

Further down in the compilation we can see a stubborn driver taking his Porsche Cayenne on a sandy hill. This ride was doomed for a fail hence the send was so deep that it caused the Porsche to get stuck in it. He tries to get away but with no success. In the next video we see a Porsche literary being on top of a police car. We cannot see the reason why or how this car ended up in such position. We can also see such car being stuck in the water and washed away from its power.

Check out the video below and see this relentless Porsche drivers fail compilation at its best. What do you think, which fail was the hardest of them all?

Finally, check out this miserable Porsche donut fail.