Porsche Cayenne S Diesel Tows A 285-Tonne Airbus A380 Over A Distance Of 137.7 Feet! New Guinness World Record!

A fully stock Porsche Cayenne S diesel has successfully towed a massive Airbus A380 that weighs 285-tones. The Porsche Cayenne was driven by Porsche technician Richard Payne who towed the Airbus airplane over a 137.7 feet distance at an airport in Paris, France. This was more than enough to set a brand new Guinness World Record for heaviest airplane pulled by a stock car. Porsche set the new record in collaboration with Air France who were more than happy to deliver the aircraft for the feat. Air France has also devoted its state-of-the-art hangar for the Guinness World record-breaking project.

The Porsche Cayenne was attached to the airplane with a special attachment for towing that was placed on the Porsche`s standard tow bar. The Porsche Cayenne S Diesel delivers 385hp and 850nm of torque. The technician at Porsche, Richard Payne, stated that the Cayenne did not complain at all while towing. It must`ve been a very special feeling towing such a huge airplane and having your mirrors full of Airbus. The Porsche Cayenne is priced from $60,600 and remains as one of the most technologically advanced vehicle of its kind – mixing durability, performance and efficiency. The crew at Stuttgart has managed to outdone themselves once again.

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