Removing Fence Posts Has Never Been Easier! Find Out A New Technique Using Your Towing Beast!

We are witnesses every day of the fact that people are indeed awesome! Just start browsing the internet and you will find out that there is a solution for everything. All these solutions come as a result of people being creative enough to try different things. For example, check out this new method of removing fence posts! You did have this problem at least once in your life, right? What method did you use? We are sure that you got the job right anyway, but maybe you would have done things differently if you had seen this video!

Assuming that you are all car guys here, you probably own or plan to own a truck! Having a truck really makes the removing fence posts operation much easier! Here`s what you have to do. Tie a chain to the fence post on one end and connect it to the hook of your truck. Put a spare tire, or any other circular object right next to the post whilst the chain goes all the way around the tire! What do you do next? Tow and start the removing fence posts process! If this wasn`t clear enough, take a look at the footage below the text!

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