Say Hello To The Over Ring Accelerator! The Best Solution For Paraplegic Gearheads!

In this video, we have a paraplegic who is a real gearhead. His passion for cars is limitless. A real inspiration to every paraplegic out there as this hero has the best paraplegic car we`ve seen yet! The vehicle functions with electronic hand controls. The invention is called Over Ring Accelerator and it`s awesome. It accelerates with a simple push of the accelerator ring. We think it has a nice gradual acceleration as well. It has a nice breaking solution. When braking, the acceleration is automatically canceled. When driving/accelerating, both hands stay on the wheel, all the while being in easy grasp of the gear lever, brake lever, auxiliary commands and steering wheel.

The Over Ring Accelerator, doesn`t interfere with the car`s original electronics. The quick release feature of the Over Ring Accelerator, enables other people to drive the car with its original vehicle controls. The system works using a potentiometer. This design really reflects the modern philosophy of incredible driving aids. It`s reliable, indestructible, super lightweight and manageable. These four words best describes the design. Thanks to this creation, paraplegics can do their day-to-day activities that include transportation without any problems. We got to say that we salute this guy who found a way to adapt. The car has an awesome soundtrack as well, so turn up the volume!

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