Retro Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Done Right!

This Pontiac Firebird TT concept made by artist Kasim Tlibekov is definitely the ultimate car that GM should build. For most car lovers, their ultimate car probably exists somewhere out there. However, for some gearhead dreamers, the possibilities go much beyond the possible. This is exactly the case with this concept car. This Russian artist has made an absolutely amazing drag race-friendly retro-mod rendering of a Pontiac Firebird that was never built. You can notice its low and wide stance which is perfect for tearing up a quarter-mile.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept 2

It`s paired with a huge rear-end spoiler, a front splitter, a quad-exhaust, rear window louvers and original side-view cameras. This concept is very interesting because it`s a completely unique and refreshed design and it fits perfectly next to our modern Challengers, Camaros and Mustangs.

This Pontiac Firebird TT concept sports its own unique look when it comes to modern design. Even though the huge front grille can remind you of the Challenger it`s still akin to the 1970-73 second generation Firebirds.

The back of the car maybe could use some work. Even though the lovers are an awesome touch, we think that a slightly lower profile and lower angle could be better. The headlights on the other hand are well-hidden behind the grille.

Nevertheless, we can notice some cool accent LED fog lights giving a clean and crisp appearance. This Russian artist even made one awesome and absolutely gigantic underbody aero-kit. The car is almost perfect and the only thing that it might lack is a massive dragstrip parachute.

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