Fred Krugger Designs New Ducati And It Looks Mouthwatering!

Ducati is a company we all know and love just for their innovation and the sheer awesomeness of their bikes. However, since everything can be improved, Fred Krugger decided to take matters into his own hands!

Fred Krugger Designs New Ducati 2

Ducati`s xDiavel was always a purebred of Ducati power and style, but underneath all the ruggedness it was always a cruiser. It`s nothing new to have something redesigned however, especially for Ducati – after all, they had the xDiavel by Roland Sands and the draXter by their very own Design Center.

Right now though, they want to give the xDiavel another shot at shining a new face at the world, by giving it to one of the most renowned customizers out there, who has put his spirit into the conception of the new model.

Krugger named his modification to the xDiavel, the Ducati Tiverval. This bike got its name after a track on the outskirts of Paris, but it still holds closely everything that Ducati represents.

Fred Krugger really did a great job with the customization and a lot of stuff is switched around, replaced or removed, but the bike is still a very recognizable Ducati. The engine in this beast is completely visible from the outside, but its Treills frame is almost completely out of sight.

This makes the bike looks out of this world, too high-tech to be a normal bike and just purely mechanical and raw. While Krugger kept the headlight from the xDiavel, he changed the exhaust and tail of the bike, adding his own flavor in this Ducati masterpiece.

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