2009 Dodge Challenger SE with Dual Exhaust “Flowmaster”!

We all know that having a cool car, whether it is a muscle monster, like this 2009 Dodge Challenger or a sports car example, it really does not fit the full profile if it does not have the proper exhaust sound that will speak for that big and powerful engine under the hood, right? I mean, it is a guy thing, a testosterone thing I guess. That is why all of us are trying to equip our loving car with the right exhaust system, and make it sound really mean. After all, it really makes heads turn, and it is the sound that you hear first!

Here we have one example on all that, a guy with a 2009 Dodge Challenger SE with a V6 under the hood, who had changed the stock single exhaust with more powerful and louder the True Dual Exhaust Catback 2, 1/4 Piping “Flowmaster”, to make it sound more serious and to stop being teased, as he is saying. To tell you the truth, I really do not see the point of being teased for having such a fine new Challenger, but I guess it is a matter of taste. I really like all the versions of the New Challenger Hellcat, but that is just me.

So check out this video, and see the improvement made on this great car. By watching it, you will get to know about most of the other sound stuff this car is equipped with.

If you want to find out more about the 2009 Dodge Challenger SE with a V6 under the hood, go to this link.