Dubai Police Hoverbike Designed by Russian Tech Company Hoversur!

Dubai Police are already pretty sophisticated. We all know they are using Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar, Bugatti and other supercars like patrol cars, they also use android officers and self driving robots. They have now decided has decided to use the skies with their new flying motorbike known as Hoverbike. This amazing vehicle named Scorpion is designed by the Russian tech company Hoversur and is capable to fly for 25 minutes with the maximum speed of 40 mph. The Dubai Police Hoverbike Scorpion can operate autonomously and can carry up to 600 lbs of weight.
Dubai Police Hoverbike Designed by Russian Tech Company Hoversur 12

Actually this hoverbike it’s a part of the Dubai’s plan to become a “Smart city” in the next several years. So, they have signed a special memorandum of understanding with the Russian tech company Hoversur and they were invited to invest in a plant for massive production of this sophisticated vehicles in Dubai.

This amazing gadget was unveiled at the Gitex Technology Show in Dubai together with the new Japanese electric motorcycle Mikasa which can reach up to 124 mph.

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