Polishing Headlights Is Not The Answer According To This Guy!

When your headlights have gone all blurry and matted, you will probably want to clean them off, but polishing headlights doesn`t seem to be the most effective solution, at least not according to this video. To prove the point, the guy got a really foggy and blurred headlight and tried polishing it with different material in order to prove that the entire process can be done much better and that polishing your headlights isn`t the way to get them clean. If you watch the video carefully you will realize that this is actually true, so the question remains, what`s the best way to get your headlights to be as clean as possible?

Polishing Headlights Is Not The Answer 2

Well, the answer is right there, but it`s a process much more complicated than a simple polish. First, instead of polishing headlights with rough (for headlights standards!) sandpaper, the guy does it to half of the headlight with a towel, a special chemical and a polishing machine. This removes the fogginess from the glass and it allows transparency much bigger than the other method.

However, even if the headlights look unbelievable after this one quick polishing test, the guy still tries to improve on it, and it works! First, he polishes the glass again with a soft, dry towel. To show us which method is better, he uses a different chemical on the other half of the headlight, but the result is clear – any one of these methods will work much better than a simple polish – you just have to know what chemicals to buy and how much to polish with!

If you prefer polishing, here are other ways to do it!