Learn How To Clean Alloy Wheels & Polish Them The BEST Way Possible With This Great Video By Wheeler Dealers!

Great tutorial on how to clean alloy wheels the best way possible!

How To Clean Alloy Wheels 4

All of us want our cars to look spotless! One of the more tricky parts for cleaning however, are the alloy wheels. In order to show everyone how to clean alloy wheels and polish them as well, we decided to share this video with you! This short and informational video is courtesy of the Wheeler Dealers, an amazing TV show that is broadcasted on the Discovery Channel. It shows us one of the stars of the TV series, Mike Brewer, as he takes aluminum wheels from a Porsche 914 for cleaning and polishing! In order to get his rims looking good, he visits the local metal finisher. Barry, the metal finisher, is an expert at this and cuts out the surface discoloration and dirt using a cleaning wheel! He has several different types of wheels which do different jobs, enabling him to clean pretty much any rim!

The artistry in the cleaning is that you have to be aggressive enough to clean the wheel, but not enough to damage the surface of the aluminum! After all of this is done, the metal finisher moves on to use a hand tool. This enables him to get to all the tight spaces. Polishing and cleaning just one wheel takes more than an hour! That is quite a long time for a relatively small part. The final stage of the whole process is light dusting of a special substance, specially designed for fine metal polishing! In the end, the alloy wheels look SPOTLESS, as if they were just bought from a shop!

Having rims like these on a car you want to sell will definitely boost its value! Want to learn how to clean alloy wheels and polish them too? If the answer is yes, then make sure you press the play button and watch this amazing video from the Wheeler Dealers!

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