Meet PodRide, The Practical Bike That Looks Like A Little Car! It Is Suited For SNOWY TERRAIN!

Some people have a lot of creativity and they know how to build some really interesting things. Such is the case with Swedish engineer Mikael Kjellman. He enjoys riding a bicycle, but unfortunately for him, he lives in Sweden, where it snows quite a lot. Instead of giving up, he decided to build a practical bike that will allow him to ride a bike despite the snowy terrain. Thus, the PodRide was created! This little vehicle is built to look like a small car, which makes it a velomobile (or bicycle-car). If you want a bike that will gather all the attention, this is the bike for you!

PodRide is meant to be a practical bike for everyday use. It has four wheels and a seat height and position as a smaller car. It is also equipped with a waterproof body to keep you warm in cold weather, and it even has a tow bar that you can hook a bike trailer onto. Furthermore, it boasts a 250W electric motor, and it can develop a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Overall, the PodRide is environmentally friendly and good for your health. It would be perfect for someone living in the Northern parts of the US. See it in action in the video below!

If you are interested in the price or willing to purchase the PodRide, follow this link!