Police Chasing A Fast Bicycle On The Freeway! THIS IS PURE GOLD! You Have To See This Madness!

We have shared a lot of police chasing videos on this website. Some have been good, some ended badly for the perpetrator, but this one is just plain AMAZING! You don`t see the police chasing a suspect riding a ROAD BIKE on the freeway! We had a hard time believing something like this actually happened, until we saw the video. This is why you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it! Apparently, an extremely fast bicycle can give police cars quite a thrill!

Not only that, the guy riding the bicycle manages to escape from the cops! In a thrilling turn of events, the guy slips out of the police`s grasp! If there is one thing we are certain, this guy played a lot of GTA to even think of doing something this incredibly bold! The whole footage was taken from a helicopter, which makes everything even better! Having an aerial view of this whole craziness makes everything more impressive!

This film shows us how much fun you can have riding a bike! Although we say that we DO NOT support making an offence which will result in police chasing you! We do admit that it looked really cool though. With that being said, we have to tell you that even though this footage is ridiculously good, it is not real!

The police chase really happened, but the actual suspect was driving a car. This whole thing was made with effects to make us think that a guy riding a fast bicycle is running away from the authorities! Nonetheless, even though it might not be real, it is still done really well. Who knows, maybe one day someone might actually do this! Until that moment arrives, we have this video of how the whole thing might look like.

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