Is This The Most Horrible Parking Job Ever? How Did She Even Get Her License? Small Car Vs Big Parking Spot!

In order to get your driving license, you must learn to do a lot of things with your car. One of the fundamentals is learning how to parallel park. To some, this is the trickiest part, but with a little bit of practice, most people will parallel park without any trouble. Every now and then however, we stumble upon a really “talented” driver that leaves us speechless. If you have ever wondered how a horrible parking job looks like, you are about to find out! The star of the video that we have for you today is a woman that is driving a black Opel Corsa. She finds a free parking spot and desperately tries to park properly!

However, she fails all the time! Parallel parking can be tricky sometimes, but in this situation, the driver doesn`t even need to try parallel parking! She has so much free space for maneuvering, yet she struggles mightily trying to park her black Opel Corsa.

This video is filmed somewhere in Europe, and we wonder if their driving tests include parallel parking. Nonetheless, this is an issue in the United States as well. Over a dozen states do not asses skills in parallel parking, and we think this should be changed. This is our opinion though. Although we are certain that after seeing this video, you will agree with us. This particular driver struggles with her parking so much that we just had to share this video with you!

She goes front and back in her mission to try and park her small black Opel Corsa. At one point, she even manages to get on the sidewalk! After trying and failing multiple times, she eventually gives up and drives away. We wonder if she managed to find a parking spot! We might never know! What we do know is that we have a video of her horrible parking job and we are sharing it with you!

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