Funny Parking Spot Fight Ends In The Most Unusual Way! This Peugeot 207CC Lady Shows No Mercy!

Now this is a situation that every driver in this world has experienced at least once in his or her life! You are casually driving on a parking lot, trying to find a free parking spot. Just like that, you finally see a free space, just waiting for your car! You casually drive near it, and as soon as you put your car in reverse, someone occupies it! This situation has got to be one of the worst things that can happen to any driver! Most of us would simply drive away if our spot is taken, and try finding another one.

Some would get out of their car and start an argument. However, the lady shown in this video has a very unique approach to this “problem“! This funny parking spot fight video has taught us a valuable lesson, and this is why we are sharing it with everyone here!

A lady is casually driving her red Peugeot 207CC on a parking lot, trying to find a free spot. After seeing it, she drives past it, and puts her car in reverse. However, as she is slowly backing up, a small white car honks the horn and parks in the free spot! However, this didn`t discourage the lady in the Peugeot even the slightest bit! She noticed that there is enough space for her car, and she parked it right next to the white car! However, this caused another problem. Neither the lady nor the guy in the white car could get out of their cars!

Or at least, that`s what we thought. As luck would have it, the Peugeot 207 is a convertible and the lady simply retracted her roof, enabling her to easily leave her car! The same couldn`t be said for the guy in the white car though. Like we said previously, this parking spot fight video taught a lesson, and it is to never show mercy to these people that steal parking spots!

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