Angry Grandma Smashes Parking Place Stealer’s Windshield! Old School – Best School!

No matter which generation you are, you have learnt about manners. You are either young and listen to your parents talking about manners or you are a parent talking to your kids about manners! However, we can sum up that manners are important! We often witness that today`s World lacks those. People started to lose it. They don`t have the smile they used to have, they don`t tip like they used to, steal your parking place and so on! It`s the last thing we are going to discuss today! Stealing a parking place. Damn, how often does that happen, huh?!

This was a golden rule back in the 70`s and 80`s! You just don`t steal one`s parking place! It`s his or hers spot and not yours! However, we can see today that the survival of the fittest law dominates the parking culture. You have been cut off several times we believe. At work sometimes and maybe down town as well. Question is, is it ever going to stop? Will people learn their manners and stop acting ape? We can deal with romance being gone, but at least give us back the parking place culture!

Now, there is one other thing we hate about today`s world. That`s the lack of respect kids have towards the elderly! No more: “Can I carry your bags, madam?” Instead, as this video shows us, we have kids stealing old ladies` parking spots! This old lady was waiting patiently for the Jeep to move from the parking spot, so she could take its place! This youngster just cuts her off, takes the spot and walks away even though he saw the lady yelling at him by telling him the spot was hers!

However, this Grandma did not let it be! She showed him the lesson the old school way! She went Joe Pesci on his windshield as it got smashed with her baseball bat! We can discuss furthermore if her reaction was indeed rightful. But first, take a look at the video!

Finally, if you feel like it, learn 6 things about how to deal with parking spot stealers!