Electric Motor Installation On Top Of A 1957 Pontiac LSX In A very Unique Way! Thoughts?

The sense of invention that Johnathan Goodwin from E Charger has is simply remarkable. This is the new E-Charger which is a new revolutionary bolt on technology which is here to increase power while NOT ruining fuel efficiency and emissions! As Goodwin says, why should we have to get rid of something such as efficiency for power? Why not have both?! You can try this invention on any ride, Goodwin here, decided to use the 1957 Pontiac! However, his invention applies energy via electric motor just so it could assist the internal combustion, when you need power. This is the most creative electric motor installation ever to be seen.

This so called double fuel approach is allowing cars to take advantage of great power which is somehow delivered by 75 cents a gallon! This way allows you to save 300% of costs as it increases performance in the meantime AND keeps the fuel efficiency. Genius or what?! Also, regenerative braking is used in order to maximize the consumption of fuel up to 25%. It is really a rare electric motor installation that deserves your attention! Check out the footage below the text.

For more info about this innovative product, follow this link and visit the official page of the company.