Strong Sheer Will! This Guy Made A WELDING Lathe Out Of An Old Bicycle! Respect For This INVENTION!

The story behind this welder is very fascinating and inspiring. He had the talent but lacked the means to demonstrate it. He received a request to apply for a welding job and even without a welding lathe he applied anyway. The job involved welding 200 round stainless steel parts. However, without a welding lathe you can`t weld, right? Well, this is where strong sheer will comes into play! For this first order of 200 stainless steel parts he decided to create his very own DIY welding lathe out of an old bicycle. Besides parts from an old bicycle he used a Kmart speed drill motor and some drill chucks.

He made the welding lathe by cutting a very old 12 speed bicycle in half and using only the back end. He created a machined shaft as a substitute for the pedal shaft. Afterwards he turned threads on it in order to receive a plane drill chuck. He bought a cradle from a yard sale for 5 bucks and he fashioned it specifically for the Kmart speed drill motor. Then, this passionate gearhead created the torch holder from a very old counter weight adjusting it for positioning. He also attached a timer switch as a substitute for the foot pedal. Enjoy the video!

At last, if you wonder how to weld without using any flames, follow this link!