Hundreds Of People With Their BOATS Coming To Help HOUSTON From HARVEY!

Look all of those people with their BOATS coming to help Houston from Hurricane Harvey. Would you do the same if you were living in Texas?

people boats help houston harvey 2

All of them are heading westbound on the highway No. 90, just on the road between Liberty Dayton. I hate to say this and maybe I’m not right not right but maybe people needs some bigger catastrophe if that’s what it takes for all of us to band together as one. It looks like Houston will need help before long away. We are very grateful to all of these people for their time and effort. Houston‘s authority already created a new strategic plan in order to use all of these people and boats. Good bless you all!

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This is America right here folks. Not all this rioting and protesting, but actually helping our fellow Americans in need. Hats off to everyone helping out with Hurricane Harvey. 🇺🇸

Posted by TruckDaily on Tuesday, August 29, 2017