Water Rescue VIDEO – TV Reporter Saves A Drowning Man From Houston Flood On Live TV! Brand New Honda Ended Under The Water!

A historic flood of major proportions happened in the Houston area just now! Reportedly, as of now, there are 7 people dead and 1200 were rescued. Some parts of Houston are starting to recuperate. However, some of the residents believe the worst is yet to come. The problem for the flood in the Houston area is because of the Cypress Creek stream. The stream overflowed and caused a massive flood in the Houston area. In this next water rescue video we have a TV reporter who saves a drowning man! It all happened on LIVE TV!!!

The name of the TV reporter is Steve Campion. Steve Campion, who is a reporter for ABC was live on the scene to give a report about this historic flooding. However, suddenly a Honda Insight just rolled into a flooded underpass. This flooded underpass is located just outside Houston downtown.

Not many moments later, as the car began to slide beneath the gloomy flood, the driver opens a door. At first the driver seems to hesitate, he appears totally shocked and unaware of what to do next. We can hear the reporter shouting from a safe distance to the driver to just leave the car and swim.

The driver, who was later identified as Andy, finally exits his car and starts to dog paddle away from his Honda Insight. As the driver struggles a bit to get to safety, the reporter wades into the murky water to help him out. He enters the flooded water chest-deep, while in the same time keeping his microphone safe and water rescuing this drowning man!

The reason why this Honda driver entered the flooded overpass is that he was unaware that the water was that deep. Thank God Andy is alright and safe! However, that Honda Insight now lays deep down under the murky flood water. This water rescue video of this drowning man is amazing!

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