Pat Stoken Crossed The Finish Line In 3.694 At 201.07 MPH!

A new drag record has been set a few days ago! It is never enough from setting new records! However, racers will have to try harder in order to brake this brand new record! The man who managed to set this latest record is Pat Stoken, veteran Pro Mod racer. He set the during the Pro Nitrous qualifying session – 3.694 seconds! Amazing! His nitrous-assisted vehicle is bullet fast! More precisely, the record braking speed is 201.07 mph! Furthermore, drag racers have been trying to break Bob Rahaim`s 3.7 seconds record since 2012. But only Pat Stoken succeeded with that endeavor. He is the first drag racer that managed to cross the finish line in less than 3.7 seconds.

Additionally, he said he “couldn`t believe his eyes when he saw the .69 on the scoreboard”. He also added that “some time will pass until someone goes into the 3.50s” meaning that “this record is going to last”. Moreover, Stoken`s run is the fastest one in a nitrous-assisted automobile after the 3.701 run by Khalid Mohammed in Bahrain last year. One thing is certain, these people won`t stop here. They will definitely be the ones to attack the 3.50 seconds barrier!

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