Bullet Fast RC Mazda With A Rotary DISAPPEARED In A Blink Of An Eye!

RC cars are gaining popularity with each and every passed day. And people are looking for new ways of using them on daily basis. Also, they are customizing them to fit their own taste, by adding decals, changing bodies and even a complete change of power. When it comes to power, this RC Mazda you are about to see, is the absolute champion!

Everyone who understands vehicles better than just their basis, will immediately notice that the MAZDA in the video below is not an ordinary RC car. Not even an ordinary gas engine RC automobile! So if you want to feel the power a bit more, we would advise you to increase the volume of your sound devices. At least a little bit. Anyway, pay attention to the RC Mazda and try to follow it! It sounds easy, but it can be a tricky task with this tiny automobile! It`s like a cartoon car, this moment you see it, the very next you don`t! So quick! As a matter of fact, this car crossed the finish line in 1.56 seconds, reaching a speed of 72 mph! If it had wings, it would`ve been in the air by that time!

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